Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Naked Blogging

Naked Blogging

Certainly I'm not the first to do it but this is a special occasion. Mrs. Lock is certified pagan and in addition to today being our wedding day (a day Mrs. Lock specifically picked) it is also the summer solstice. This is the Thanksgiving of the pagan holidays. A day to celebrate life and nature that supports life. And tonight is very special because as I type this, we are watching a full moon rising in the south east.

The proper way to ring in the summer solstice is to do so without clothes. To celebrate nature, you must be natural, as you were born into the world and sure enough, I have my laptop (something I wasn't born with actually) sitting in my uncovered lap and I sit on the back porch outside behind my house writing to you. I did run a few laps around the yard a few minutes ago. Mrs. Lock said all she saw was a white streak. Streak is definitely the word.

I don't personally subscribe to the pagan beliefs myself, but they seem like a good cause and my expression of freedom from clothes in the name of a pagan ritual is just an excuse I use to indulge a complex I have.

Blessed Be.