Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A 3 year old's vocabulary

My daughter is 3 now. Her ever-growing vocabulary is increasingly entertaining.

Chocolate is "Chlockate"
Kool-Aid is "Kloo Aid"
Toilet paper is "Paper toilet"
Licorice is "Lickerkish"

It's hard not to use her version of the words, but we have to try if we want her to learn the correct way to say things. Sometimes we think it's cute, other times, our brain has tricked us into thinking it's the correct pronunciation.

I also know her vocabulary is getting better because she is making up words. I've seen her point to an object in the room, then say the name of that object. Then say something unintelligible about it. It's not the usual 3 year old struggling to say the correct word. She obviously is making up a word and she will continue to call it different things, laughing at each verbal creation.