Thursday, April 26, 2007

IMing Mom

An IM conversation between me and Mother Lock about my daugher (her granddaughter).

Parents: Hows [Mrs. Lock] and [Daughter Lock]?

Lock: They're good. [Daughter Lock] is so funny around other people. I had a friend over the other day and she climbed into his lap and wanted to play.

Parents: That's good, she is developing her own personality. She is a personable little girl. I was suprised about it when you guys were here, because she was always very quiet...She always seemed to me that she was a very deep thinker...She is very intelligent...I love her so!

Lock: Yeah and now that she's noisy and friendly she's turned dumb. That's why we're having another one.

Parents: She is diffently not dumb...That girl will go far in this world, she is a leader, but at the same time she is content being herself...Very Good Caulities in human...She's very pretty too,{not just because she is my grandaughter}, but people usually have only one of those qualities, but she has all three. Looks, Brains, and Personality...Look out Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey...My Tess is coming on the scene

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Look For Old House

Our house got a makeover in late March (No Oprah). We noticed many of our neighbors were cashing in on hail storm damage from almost a a year ago and getting new roofs. Mrs. Lock inquired about us getting a new one but our insurance adjuster said there wasn't enough damage to the roof to warrant a new one. He did however, give us new siding saying it had enough hail damage on it.

The multi-talented roofers became our siding installers instead and went to work replacing all of our old aluminum siding with brand new vinyl and did it all in a single day (very fast).