Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lock Family Goes to the Fair

Took the family to the State Fair last night. We go every year but for the first time, this year, we went by train. Daughter Lock loves trains. Big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine (most kids her age seem to be). This was her first time on one after talking about them incessantly. I think she was a bit surprised people could actually climb inside and use it as transportation.

Once we got to the fair, Daughter Lock had another first. She rode a roller coaster. A year ago this time, she was apprehensive about a carousel ride we took together. That nervous look in her eyes as the plastic horse went round and round, up and down. This year, she's really showing her maturity. She saw the roller coaster and demanded she "ride the caterpillar." We tried to talk her out of it but she was insistent. I went and bought a couple of tickets, one for me one for her and we went on the caterpillar roller coaster. She loved it. I told her to raise her arms when we went around as is coaster tradition and she did it. She did a bit of friendly screaming as we roared down the track at 30 mph.

After it was over, I asked if she wanted to go again. She said,

"No. It's too scary." But she said it with a smile.

On the train ride back, she zonked out in the seat, exhausted from trying new things.