Thursday, June 07, 2007


Had an ultrasound today. We're only 13 weeks into it so this is about the earliest we can look but it appears that we're having a boy.

And that did not stop Mrs. Lock from making name suggestions within hours of the ultrasound. After the appointment, I went back to work, logged in, hopped on instant messenger and started getting pings from her immediately.

mrs_lock: I like this name .. Torin
mr_lock: oh boy
mr_lock: Hafgan (the roleplaying name for the druids I play)
mrs_lock: Torin Hafgan Lock
mr_lock: Can I really name my kid Hafgan?
mrs_lock: It's a nice meaning (summer song), but a terrible name
mrs_lock: It's fine for role playing, but...

That last line was to save my feelings. We're talking about our future second kid and she thought I'd take offense at having my rp character's name ridiculed.