Friday, November 30, 2007

What's In A Name?

Oh man what a year.

So Mrs. Lock is closing in on birthing our second child, a boy. I say closing in, he's due in 3 days. I wish I would've posted more about the pregnancy but it's been a pretty standard one. It was a lot of fun to experience it all with our first child, but now it's old hat.

In fact, Mrs. Lock says she likes being pregnant! Since we're done after this one, she has said she is going to miss it.

Three days before the game, and we're still discussing names. I wanted to name our first child, Tumor since it functions like one, but since Mrs. Lock is growing actual tumors in her body, this is no longer appropriate.

For this child, I wanted to named him Oden, after the Viking supreme being. She's considering it but we both have veto rights and I have vetoed plenty of suggestions she's made. Maybe she's making suggestions she doesn't even like to make it appear I'm being difficult about this.

She's made a couple of suggestions I do like but I only like them because it's along the same vein as me wanting to name him Oden. Only she doesn't know that until I mention why I like it, then she no longer likes it. She really liked the name Griffin. I did too, but because it's the surname of a famous TV family on a show called Family Guy: Peter, Lois, Stewie, Meg, Chris and Brian, she has changed her mind.

So now what I'm doing is when she begins to suggest names that the inner-child in me likes and not necessarily the responsible adult would go for, I am keeping the story behind the name to myself and agreeing that yes, it is a nice name. She'll find out as soon as we get his name inked on that birth certificate.

In talking of life, and a reminder that the Universe is balance, I have to mention that last Thursday, on Thanksgiving night, my Grandma Lock passed away. She was 89. Rest in peace as you always did in life. I miss you.