Monday, February 11, 2008

Surgery on our two month old

My son had his second and hopefully final surgery in his very young life to treat his Hirschsprung's.

Here was the surgery schedule on Monday, February 11.

9a: Got to the hopsital. They seated us in an OR waiting room to have doctors come visit us.

9:30: The anesthesiologist paid us a visit. Went over the procedure and asked if we had questions.

10: The surgeon stopped in. Went over procedure, asked if we had questions. Told us the procedure would take about 3 hours. We were also getting him circumcised. Which is like pulling teeth (pulling something) at this hospital. Out of all the time we spent there and all the visits since he was born, we had to keep bringing it up as something we wanted done and they never seemed to remember the last time we brought it up.

10:30: Finally, nurse came to pick up our son and to deliver him to surgery. We left the OR and went to the larger waiting room.

11:15: The OR waiting room nurse told us the procedure began officially. Circumcision would be done first, then the recision and the sealing of the ostomy. We received hourly updates on his progress.

2:50: Surgery is ended. He's on his way to recovery. 3h and 35 minutes.

4:20: We paid our son a visit in recovery. He was out like a light.

He was in recovery for at least another hour or so but not because of his condition but rather, they didn't have a room ready for him yet.

Doctor said the earliest he could go home would be Wednesday but it'd be more like Thursday or Friday realistically. We were there until Saturday. Mom stayed with him the whole time, bunked up in his room, sleeping in a recliner.

We're glad to have him home and have one less hole in his body.