Monday, July 21, 2003

Today's Guest Writer: CorpSpeak

Since sometimes I feel like I'm writing gibberish, I decided to ask a random word generator known as CorpSpeak written by mathematicians extraordinare at LavaRnd, to write today's column in three paragraphs. It is as follows:

To: pick lock's brain
From: readers
Date: Mon Jul 21 12:50:15 2003
Subject: Feedback

It is fiscally true that the shared strategic and tactical actions utilize the gating factors. Leading indicators would seem to suggest that disclosures make it happen. As our company President states in a recent memo about infrastructures, " the competitive World-Wide Web outsources the task-driven time frame."

The value-added Digital Media market steps up to the challenge of the super-scalar scripting language, on a going-forward basis. We've got to do it in the database servers of price points. Surely, we can conclude that components indicate that culture changes reposition the effective information superhighway. During this period of company transition, the geography takes the issue off-line.

Having first verified that HTML authoring tools continually get up to speed on OEM ongoing support for increased productivity, a careful examination of the database server reveals that kick-ass graphics ensures teamwork. Leading indicators would seem to suggest that the unique write-offs can hardly help but to enhance the web-based key player. As a company, we have a firm grip on the environments.

The above text was randomly generated and if I were to run CorpSpeak again, I'd get something completely different. LavaRnd used to use lava lamps to generate their random numbers (which explains the name) but now it's the static visual noise generated by a webcam with its cap on, aka tv snow. They also have lotto number generators, haiku random poetry and a "Nothing" generator which won't disappoint.

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