Thursday, February 12, 2004

This One Time in Kickball Camp...

This one time in gym (there is no such thing as kickball camp people!), we were playing kickball. It's baseball only your foot is the bat and the ball is the big, red, rubber dodgeball you use in another game to smear your opponents by knocking them unconscious.

So I was second baseman in this particular game and the other team was up to bat (kick). Our pitcher was a snobby 9th grade girl. She always had nice clothes, expensive hair style and was only seen hanging out with the other preppy students. I can't remember her name but it was probably Tiffany or Brittany or Ashley or Posh. All I know is she never gave me the time of day.

Anyway, there was some argument in the middle of the game about one of the rules. Somebody was doing something wrong but I don't remember exactly what. Dodgeball wasn't a complicated sport so I don't know what the deal was. I do remember speaking up and yelling at our preppy pitcher because she was obviously doing something wrong. Apparently she didn't like to be barked at because she turned around to me and gave me a cold glare.

After I was done saying my piece there was a pause and then I asked her to resume the game by saying in a low voice, "Pitch."

The distance from the pitcher's mound to second base must have been too great because after my command she asked, "What did you call me?"

I had a good laugh when I realized what she thought she heard, which just angered her even more. I didn't bother clarifying my statement. She had a giant rubber weapon in her hand. Now I'm wondering why she didn't use it on me? Probably because she knew I could catch it and throw it back at her 90 pound frame knocking her into tomorrow like a fairy catching a bowling ball.

Good times from Junior High.

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