Saturday, March 26, 2005

Labels... bah

Labels... bah

Anyone that still thinks the media is liberal isn't seeing the stories on this right to die case in Florida with headlines reading the symptoms of starvation, dehydration, covering every quote from the family who is saying anything trying to save her. These are stories that seem to go to bat to try and save this woman.

The media is pro-people. Any agenda that happens to conflict with a party's idea automatically makes the media completely opposite of the political party. People forget the media have been around longer than any political party so any ideology that is in conflict with it is the party's own doing.

The irony out of all of this is it should be the conservatives who should leave this woman in Florida alone. After all it is a Republican agenda to keep the government out of the people's lives. But they have a problem with someone wanting to end their own life. They have a problem with a woman's decision on abortion, they want to enforce family values that parents need to be favoring and they want to control the content of tv, movies, radio and video games. They also want constitutional amendments defining a religious ritual - all from the same party that supposedly wants less government. The Republican party is popular and the country is seemingly conservative because people quickly identify and support a party of common sense. The question is, whose common sense are we supporting?

That's why the political parties are hypocritical and no one should affiliate themselves with one that conflicts with its own agenda. Support the representative that best represents your ideas, not the party he or she is affiliated with because it could just be a cover. Our President is not a bad representative because he's a Republican, he's a bad representative because he's a bad Republican.