Sunday, March 20, 2005

Weekend At Lockies

Weekend At Lockies

Since the birth of my kid and a lot going on at work including doubling the staff on site, my posts have suffered. It's ironic that with the increased activity in my life that would give me something to talk about, I just don't have the time to talk about it.

I had a good weekend. Friday night we stayed in. I watched some of the NCAA tournament going on. Mrs. Lock had a friend over and the two of them put together a delicious dinner for us.

Saturday we made our rounds around the city as we visited Grandma Lock for her birthday. We gave her a framed picture of her holding her great granddaughter, Baby Lock. We visited for a few hours, went home for a breather only to head back out and visit friends of ours, some of the last remaining souls on the planet who haven't seen Baby Lock in person.

Tonight we spent most of the day at home, sitting on the couch and watching anything that was on the newly installed High Definition channels. I'm starting to see repeats already but the picture is so beautiful to look at, we are suckers for any programming as long as it looks good. Oh, Cannibal Goldfish? Turn it up. Latino Lady Secret Garden Tips? Ok mute that but don't look away.

Mrs. Lock's father and step mother visited us in the morning just to say hi and see their granddaughter.

After they left, it was back on the couch for six hours of HD TV.

We realized we needed some supplies before the week started, I need milk for my breakfast and Mrs. Lock wanted eggs for next weekend's Easter egg hunt. We packed up Baby Lock, headed out to Costco, the hippest place where we like to shop, only to find out they close early on Sunday's. No problem. We'll go tomorrow, but we were hungry.

Mrs. Lock suggested one of her favorites - P.F. Chang's so we stopped in for dinner. I had the chicken chow mein, Mrs. Lock had orange chicken and Baby Lock had a nap. During dinner, the water boy was gracious enough to come around and refill Mrs. Lock's Sprite and disappeared in a flash, off to ruin other drinks. Once we realized what happened, we flagged down our waiter to get her a fresh and not-so-watery refill. We got our usual fortune cookies. I couldn't get the paper out of mine. I'm used to breaking the cookie in half and pulling the strip out like a ticker tape but this time, it ripped off the end. I cracked the cookie open a bit more to grab hold of a new corner and promptly ripped that off as well. I smashed the cookie to bits, pulled the rest of the fortune out and pieced it together. I felt like a FBI lab tech piecing together parts of a ransom note. The fortune seemed appropriate in another example of the day's irony.

"You will put together something successful."

After dinner, we wanted to stop by Babies 'R Us to pick up a jump swing for the kid. Remembering the Sabbath to keep it holy means all the shops close early and the 'R was no exception. Turned away again by an unwilling vendor, we headed home not accomplishing anything we set out to do.

Back on the couch to watch HD for about an hour. We gave the kid a bath and since she turned my jeans into a spit swamp, I took a shower myself. Now she's swinging her way into oblivion giving me the opportunity to write that for my neglected blog.