Sunday, July 10, 2005

You go to California, it's illegal to smoke cigarettes in bars and taverns. Yeah smoking is bad for you but, who's concerned about their health in a bar? What's the complaint on this one, "Excuse me. Mr. bartender man. I am trying to get drunk so I can drive home and have unprotected sex with some chick I just met tonight and this guy is blowing smoke in my face!"

I believe that we should abolish all bar laws in America. I believe in America, the land of the free, there should be no laws in bars. And if you don't like living under no-law then don't go to the bars. For example, I don't like Bed Bath & Beyond, I don't like what goes on at BB&B, so do you know what I do about it? That's right! I don't go there! I don't picket BB&B. I don't put BB&B on an axis of evil list with Kitchen Kaboodle and the Baby Gap. I don't think BB&B should have to be 500 yards from an elementary school. I just don't go to BB&B.

Auggie Smith
Comedian & Free Thinker