Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Half Birthday

Happy Half Birthday

Good times, great life. Baby Lock celebrates her life as a six month old today. Happy Half Birthday my daughter.

She's very energetic, vibrant, attentive. Everything in her immediate surrounding is fascinating. When she's studying
something, she'll stick half a fist in her mouth while she contemplates the object.

She laughs quite a bit, fusses a little when it's time to eat or time to sleep. She doesn't like to sit down, she always has to be standing up, with help of course. Baby Lock is adept at rolling over now, from back to stomach, stomach to back.

She has a few favorite toys. A green plastic ring shaped like a bug (I think it's a bug?) that normally hangs on a strap on another toy. She'll pull it off and carry it with her, slobber all over it. Another favorite which isn't a toy is one of the remote controls. I took the batteries out of it and it's for the VCR, a device we don't use anymore. Whenever I want to cheer her up, all I have to do is present the remote and she goes into a giggling fit, struggling to snatch it from my hands. Since she has a couple of teeth beginning to poke through her lower gums, she likes gumming (chewing) the buttons on it. I can hear the rubber squeak against her proto-teeth.