Thursday, March 02, 2006

Debit Card MIA

I lost my debit card this week. I think I left it at a Steak and Shake although a call to them revealed they don't have it.

So I'm calling my bank to report it lost. I get the automated voice response menu and one of the questions it asks me is to enter the number of the stolen or lost card. What victim has that information? Do people really memorize their debit card number? I just don't think this is a very popular option in the automated menu.

Thank God for 0.


I haven't done an monthly snapshot in awhile. Let's see what's up with me.

DJI 11004, NASDAQ 2306, SP5 1285

#1 Movie at the box office:
Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion

Last movie I saw at the theater:
King Kong

Last movie(s) I saw not at the theater:
Aristocrats (DVD)
Super Troopers (TV)

Books I'm currently reading:
Bourne Trilogy by Robert Ludlum. (On #2, Supremecy right now)
Healing Our World In An Age of Agression by Mary Ruwart

Albums (cd/mp3) I'm listening to:
Sountrack to Pirates of the Carribean (Black Pearl)
Various Rasputina albums

Video games I'm playing:
World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft and more World of Warcraft (56 Druid, 44 Warlock, 17 Priest)

Price I'm paying for gas:

Last several Google searches:

audio hijack
penn radio
ave maria catholic town
"lazy sunday"
"Port Magic Application"
badelt "underwater march"
windows media player 10 download
maslow's hierarchy
online linux courses
jeep models
birthday paradox
cato institute