Thursday, March 23, 2006

Windows And Macintosh Sitting In A Tree

Good news about the Mac + Windows marriage. Someone figured out how to run XP on the new Intel Macs (for a grand prize of about $13k). Within a week of that happening, someone has written a very rough video driver for the Mac hardware to even start playing games... Windows games on a Mac! It just sounds weird but it's long overdue. Mac machines with Windows software is a very good thing. Giving consumers more options is always good for everyone but this also means PC makers will feel the heat of making PC's better looking. No more ugly, clunky beige boxes. Time to get sleek guys or you're out of business!

And kudos to Apple and Microsoft for not stepping in to stop the Mac + Win modding. Of course Microsoft is ok with it. They're happy to have their software on every device in the universe as part of their world domination plans, but Apple being ok with it might be worrying them a bit. Fear not. It really and ultimately is good for them. Support it! Sony continues to clamp down on PSP hacking, they don't want Mario on their device and they are going to pay with losing sales for doing that.

WinMacs. Good times.