Friday, October 12, 2007

In Rainbows

I bought the new Radiohead CD, In Rainbows. Here's the thing, it's only available online, on a website right now. I felt weird calling it a CD. It's not a CD given he medium it's stored on. I guess it's an album but even that term refers to large, black discs at one time. Music compilation? Tracks? Songs? Ok, I just bought In Rainbows.

There's no price either. No MSRP. No retail, no discount. It is donation only. It's whatever you think you should pay for the alb-er musical compilation. I paid £3 (Radiohead is a UK band). After credit card charge of about 50 pence, that's about $7 with the current exchange rate.

I thought for a second about the poor sap Americans, a very hefty portion of the music-buying market, not knowing the exchange rate or worse yet, not noticing the £ on the price prompt. If someone thinks he should pay 10 for the download and thinks he's entering dollars, he'll end up paying $20 for it. $15, the average price of a CD in this country would be $30 out of pocket for ten tracks.

This is not a bad method for making money - taking advantage of American exchange rate ignorance - at least until the customer gets his credit card statement.

Radiohead is a great band. I hope this works out for them.