Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Old Enough To Be President (or Senator)

I've spent half my life waiting on computers. I'm exhausted tonight.

On a day when I celebrate my 35th year on this planet, I wanted to record a few thoughts. It was about a ten minute process from computer boot up, to OS load, to browser initialize and getting the website interface to load to write my thoughts. Sometimes, it just seems better to go back to pen and paper. The life of a Luddite is very appealing on some days.

It is my birthday and I had a very good day. People at work threw me a birthday luncheon with grilled hot dogs, potato salad, chips, beans and chocolate cake. It was nice to have everyone there.

After a long work day, I picked up my daughter from day care and came home. Mrs. Lock had a couple of more presents for me after giving me the big one over a month ago. The early gift was a crimson red and black DS lite. Tonight I received a package of fancy mini-cigars and a beautiful, red-dial wrist watch. I'm staring at it now on my wrist as I write this.

We grilled pork chops on the grill, had mashed potatoes and rolls. And of course Mrs. Lock made her famous white and delectable cake. The bad thing about us having our birthdays less than a week apart are the sweets and loads of left over cake we try to wade through. Bad bad bad for the waist line.

I was putting my daughter bed tonight. It's funny the rituals kids at her age (2 1/2) implement.The fact they have any habitual behavior outside of the instinctive needs is interesting. What, in evolution, gave two-year-olds the need to be repetitive about non-survival behavior? It seems like it would be important to the learning process but it doesn't seem very efficient.

Daughter Lock has this thing after she's in bed, to sign off as you're leaving her room. She has to say, in no certain order: "Bye" "I love you" and recently added to the repertoire "Good night" Sometimes these phrases are mentioned repeatedly. It has to be done every night or something might happen. We don't know what that something is because she's never tried to go to sleep without saying those things. Maybe she couldn't go to sleep. I doubt that. Maybe there's a bomb under her bed and certain key phrases have to be mentioned to disarm the bomb and she knows all of this. Whatever the reason, it's very important to her.

She has this other thing. She has associated "I'll be back" with "Goodbye." Nothing unusual if she is the one leaving, but if someone is leaving from her, it's a bit strange for her to yell out, "I'll be back." And she'll continue to yell it out until you respond with the exact thing she just said.

All very cute and mysterious mannerisms.

Mrs. Lock just asked me what time of the day I was born. It was in the nine o'clock hour. But I was born in Anchorage, Alaska. About a 5 hour difference from the timezone I live in now. Which means, as she pointed out, I was actually born October 10th EST (tomorrow).

No more cake please.