Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Right or Left

The voters don't know what they want or rather they have short-term memory loss. In the previous administration (Republican), we went to war for basically nothing. Weapons of mass destruction that turns out weren't there. Afghanistan was a response to 9/11. So the country gets pissed off that we went to war for nothing and elects the other side into power (Democrats). This administration has passed bulky health care reform that has once again pissed off the country. It looks like they'll lose their power in the coming elections and the country will swing back to Republican.

The problem is, the damage has already been done. Nothing is ever undone in government. And the swinging that the voters are doing has a wrecking ball on the end and it is smashing the country every time we put the "other" party into power. It's the two major parties that are to blame and no one thinks that the true change is going to have to come from outside of the establishment. Quit voting Republican. Quit voting Democrat. Find a candidate that represents your beliefs the most and if you can't find one, vote for yourself or we won't be able to break this cycle and government will continue to interfere in our lives.