Friday, September 17, 2010

Senior Citizen Parents

My blog has seen a lot of inactivity lately. I'll blame World of Warcraft mostly. I'm on a break now and am posting again so that must be it. It's unfortunate since there is so much going on in my life now, it's perfect time to talk (write) about it.

Dad came up to visit last week. I took him and the kids to the Children's Museum. Since he's 60 now, he gets the senior discount. This made me laugh although I went through a couple of emotions other than humor, mostly humor though. I was happy to pay a discount rate but Dad getting old reminds me I'm getting old. I am fortunate to have young parents. When they were my age, I was half way through high school. My oldest child is only 5.

It does make me think about what kind of people they were. Very much like me no doubt. Just thinking of them knowing then what I know now and they did it was three kids, it kind of awes me. Life is not hard in this country, far from it. There are few things to worry about but you do have responsibility, especially to your family and at 38 my parents were just kids like I am now. All things are relative of course.

Glad to be back and writing again.

Haven't done a snapshot in over four years! Here it is for 2010.



Market: (GAWD down 4.5 years later)
DJI 10615, NASDAQ 2316, SP5 1128

#1 Movie at the box office:
Resident Evil: Afterlife

Last movie I saw at the theater:
Toy Story 3

Last movie(s) I saw not at the theater:
The Green Mile

Books I'm currently reading:

Broadcasts I'm listening to:
Howard Stern on Sat radio
Alternative, 80's.

Video games I'm playing:
Angry Birds (Droid Phone), Starcraft 2, Got Populous 3 out of the closet, blew the dust off (Win95 game).

Price I'm paying for gas:
$2.89/gallon (wow, did not change this from the value I had 4.5 years ago).

Last several Google searches:

syler actor
dell precision t7400
webcam roulette
condusive (checked spelling, it's a c)
zionsivlle friendly tavern
easy root
doctor who episode guide