Friday, April 11, 2003

School Ties, Roomies Again

My old college roomate is moving in with me for the month of April. I last roomed with this guy during our college days back in the early 90's. Now it seems his relationship is finished and his apartment that he planned on moving to will not be available till May 1.

Of course I checked with my girlfriend first before okaying it. I didn't want my relationship ending as well and then both of us not having a place to stay in April. The only thing she was worried about is the constant (video) gaming that will take place. He's bringing his Xbox. I have my Gamecube. We'll never get out of the living room. I feel I should mention though that my girlfriend's concerns are not because she won't get to spend any quality time with me. Nooooo, it's because she's an addict on a couple of games herself and tries to get an hour or two of playing time in every night. She claims it's a stress reliever. I can think of other ways (more fun) of relieving stress but apparently she gets more satisfaction gaming and doing it by herself. What does she need me for? Oh the Gamecube is mine. I bring a game console to the relationship. Ah, glad I can contribute something. So she's worried about us being console hogs. We'll have to work something out. The family that plays together, stays together.