Monday, December 01, 2003

Turkey Day 2003

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Thursday we had the wife's family over for the usual holiday get together. It's close to 20 some people. It makes the place crowded but they're a lot of fun when we all get together. My wife has five aunts, an uncle plus her mom all attending with everyone in their immediate family.

I also had my parents up for the weekend staying with us. We had so many people in the house though that my parents went to my brother's for Thanksgiving. It gave us some breathing room with my in laws.

The family organizes a secret santa gift exchange during the Thanksgiving get together. This is my first year in it since we were married earlier this year and I became an official member of the family. I tried to opt out of it saying I was single all these years to avoid the sweat shop gift exchange program but the coven of aunts wouldn't have it.

Mrs. Lock and I agreed to only spend $50 on each other for Christmas. I tried to make it $0 so we could use the money for other people's gifts but she wants to exchange something on our first Christmas as a married couple. I can still do that with a zero dollar price tag.

Friday's stock market didn't move much. I'm sure there weren't many traders on the floor the day after Thanksgiving but that's ok. One of my mutual funds which is called Emerging Markets, representing other country's markets had a huge day. Apparently it was business as usual in Brazil, Japan and South Korea the day after Thanksgiving.

DJI 9849, SP5 1064 NASDAQ 1978