Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Sugar Daddy

I'm walking around with a $7000 check today. Let me repeat that. I am walking around in the public all day today with a check in my possession written for seven thousand dollars!

It's a balance transfer check from one credit card that will be sent to another. What's funny is the check comes from and is about to go to the same CC company (not the same card, different cards but same bank). Under normal balance transfer procedures, one is not allowed to transfer a balance from one card to another both owned by the same bank. So I called and requested a check instead of submitting a balance transfer request. The check needed to be under the same terms as a balance transfer rate and they agreed and sent it. So now I just deposit the $7000 in my checking account today and write a check to the company that just sent me the check.

I also think it's interesting I'm walking around with a check written for $7000. To carry it with me to work, I stuffed it in an issue of Forbes and brought the magazine to work with the seven grand bookmark. I have to leave it here on my desk until I can get to the bank and make the deposit. For some reason I'm not concerned about losing it. Why is that? This is by far the largest amount of money I've had in my possession.

DJI 9747, SP5 1052 NASDAQ 1947