Sunday, June 11, 2006

WOW! Sixties...plural

I kick, streeeetch and kick. Iiiiii'm 60...again.

Since last October, a good portion of my recreation time has been poured into a little unknown game called World of Warcraft; Blizzard's highly successful MMO. And today, my alt, a Warlock named Bunner (named after my pet rabbit) hit the highest level you can get in the game (until expansion time later this year). That makes him the second character I have to top out at 60. My main character is a feral druid named Hafgan (named after the main character in the book 'Druids').

In celebration of my two high level characters and a reminder to the time I've wasted to build a virtual empire which translates to having nothing in the real world, I'm posting some screens I've taken over the course of a year from my playing time.