Thursday, October 09, 2003

Arnold is a Kennedy Puppet

First off, my view. I'm glad Arnold won the position of governor of California. I like it whenever anyone can shake up the political establishment. When Jesse Ventura did it for Minnesota I thought that was great and just as great when Ross Perot made an impact on the Presidential race as an Independent. He did a lot for that party, including getting Ventura elected many years later.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won the governorship thanks in a large part to his wife, Maria Shriver. Arnold even credited her with the win in his victory speech. It does not happen too often that a husband and wife can team up to get one of them into office but that's what happened here. Therefore, this is what I think went on behind the scenes.

Maria originally was against her husband running for governor of California, until her politically powerful family the Kennedys laid out a plan so cunning, it made Maria reconsider, change her mind and throw all of her support into her husband's running not to mention campaigned as hard as he did for it. If that is true, then I think Maria's family made a deal with Arnold that if he ran for governor, they would make sure he would win. For anyone who don't think that the Kennedy's have that much power, you can just stop reading now. So why in the world would a historically strong democrat-affiliated family be so enthusiastic to put a Republican into a powerful political position such as the governor of California? Because they have plans for their little girl Maria.

Expect the next governor of California to be Maria Shriver. That's right. Nobody's looking this far ahead except the Kennedys. I wouldn't be surprised if Arnold actually leaves after the rest of this term or the next either as part of the deal with the Kennedys or gets bored and wants to return to acting or both. Maria would run for the position and easily win if Arnold can keep the state together for a couple of years. No problem.

Now the real eye opener. You thought I dropped a bomb about Governor Shriver? Just wait. Maria Shriver as governor of California is just a stepping stone as it was for Ronald Reagan. That's right, Maria for President of the United States. You balk at the idea, I can hear you scoff, but the U.S. political atmosphere in many environments lately changes faster than Superman in a phone booth.

The Kennedys want to be back in the White House and since all of the men keep dying off, why not use their most prominent female? So Maria to run for President within the next decade or so, unfortunately she'll follow in the fate of her two uncles and be assassinated either before taking or while in office. Actually I don't know if that's going to happen but isn't Sirhan Sirhan close to parole? Ok now it's a conspiracy theory but the Maria for President will happen.

I get in these kinds of moods on my birthday. 31 today.

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