Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Ripley Gets Around

They're re-releasing Ridley Scott's excellent movie Alien in the theaters on Halloween night. Actually I should say they are just releasing it because this is the never-before-seen director's cut of the best movie in the Alien series. I was thinking though, that Sigourney Weaver's bad girl character, Lt. Ripley, really got around. If you think about it, she liked to bed guys as often as she could. Listen to this: In Alien, she does Captain Dallas. Remember she took it personal when the Alien had Dallas for breakfast. In Aliens, I'm pretty sure she did Corporal Hicks. There was a lot of flirting going on so you know they found a few minutes to do the nasty. And in Aliens 3 (aka Aliens Cubed) she did the doctor like the day after the prisoners found her in the pod. And to drive home my point, from Ripley's viewpoint, all of this happened to her, all three of these lays plus whoever else she managed to shove into a broom closet with her, in just a matter of weeks. Weeks because she spent most of her life in stasis due to the deep space travel. Three guys in three weeks? Newsflash: Ripley's a whore! She knows how to get what she wants. Dead aliens and a few boy toys along the way to keep things interesting for her.

I won't even bring up Aliens Resurrection. That's not even the original Ripley, she was just a freak. Although Ripley's underlying behavior was there when she was tonguing that nasty alien.