Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Sports, Governors and Video Games Oh My

Not much going on. Colts had a huge victory last night against the Super Bowl Champs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football. They set an NFL record by scoring 21 points in the last four minutes of the game. Impressive. I'm sure most of the Bucs and Colts fans missed the comeback because it was 21 - 0, Bucs over Colts at halftime. A lot of people went home or went to bed after that and are waking up today to hear about a big surprise.

Today is the California governor recall election. It's probably going to be close and exit polls may not be able to predict the winner before the polls close. They don't want a repeat of the Bush-Gore 2000 Presidential election. The accusations against candidate's Arnold's womanizing and harrassment come at a very interesting time right before the election. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Davis supporters sat on the info until the courts decided when the recall election would be held.

Mrs. Lock and I have been playing a lot of Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. We're getting pretty far, we've made it to the lizard folk part - chapter 3 of the game. I've got a 12th level dwarven fighter and she has an 11th level sorceress with a mean ball lightning spell.

DJI 9653, SP5 1039, NASDAQ 1907