Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Baghdad Brother Back On R&R

Just got a phone call from my brother, the army medic stationed in Baghdad. He's back in the States for a couple of weeks on R&R. He was in very high spirits considering his work enviornment. He talked about his schedule and when he goes back like it's a trip to the store. No sadness that I could detect. We talked about the horrific Chinook accident that happened a week ago that killed 20 of the soldiers onboard. He was telling me the pilot probably would've survived the crash had the bone in his arm not penetrated his skull. Medics. Human vunerability is always cool to them.

He's going to surprise my parents after he, his wife and daughter fly down to Florida for a visit. He's just setting them up for a potential heart attack when they see him. But I suppose he'd think that was pretty cool.