Tuesday, November 04, 2003


I've been able to remember two of my dreams in the past two days. That's tough to do. It's hard enough to remember one. The night before last, I had a dream that a closet was haunted. I would look in the door and wooden planks were constructed in the middle of it forming some sort of cluster of wooden strips. I would kick the strips, breaking it but it would heal itself and return to the original position. I tried tearing the whole thing down, but it would quickly reconstruct itself. There was a Mexican restaurant counter not far from the closet for some reason. I walked up to it and explained in fluent Spanish that the closet was haunted and that they should watch out.

My dream last night involved me creeping through a dark house looking for snakes. So both dreams involved me being in a house I was fearful to be in. I was looking for these snakes, I turned the corner and saw a carpet rolled up with a bulge I could clearly see inside of it. I suspected it to be a snake rolled up in the carpet so using my foot I rolled it to the back door and outside. The snake got out, which turned out to be a King Cobra but it struck my cat who was standing at my feet putting a big gash in her side. I closed the door, picked up the cat to examine the wound which looked really bad. What are you supposed to do when someone has snake venom in them? It's probably an urban legend but I tried to suck the poison out of my cat's side. The wound was huge too. I ran her to the hospital where I was turned away because I tried to admit a cat. Feeling the pressure of time and realizing I was an idiot for taking her to a human hospital, I drove to the closest vet. The vet checked her over and laughed. He made fun of me for thinking human ailments would apply to cats and explained to me that snake venom has no effect on cats.

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