Sunday, March 07, 2004

The Race Is On

John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for the 2004 presidential race, has a huge ally in his chances to be elected President in 2004. Kerry's best campaigner to get the man elected to the White House is his Republican rival, current President George W. Bush. If Kerry was running against any other President, Kerry's chances would be very low to get elected. He's too indecisive on issues for voters to get a sense of what he represents, even if in his mind he isn't indecisive about such issues, he isn't conveying it in a manner to get his point across to the voters.

The reason why President Bush is Kerry's most effective chance is because of Bush's unity and stubbornness on his decisions which makes it very clear to the voters where he stands but it also draws the lines, making his supporters thrilled and his opponents pissed off with a willingness to do anything to get the current President removed from office. So his opponents would support the biggest threat to Bush whoever that may be, which currently is Kerry.

So I don't think the support for Kerry comes from the people who agree with Kerry's policies so much, as the support comes from those who want anyone but President Bush in the White House in 2004.

Currently, the polls show a virtual tie between Kerry and Bush, but Kerry has dominated the news during the primary season which is now winding down so that was his shot, this time is the best he's going to do in this race. It's all down hill from here for Kerry and we'll see his numbers drop barring a cataclysmic event to the country or Kerry changing his strategy to take a strong stance on something leading up to the elections.