Friday, March 19, 2004

Tank Side Blues

Tank Side Blues

1. All of the other pumps were already in use.

2. He likes to face his tank and the station at the same time.

3. Or the one we all do. He's owned his automobile for years,
filled up with gas a thousand times and still can't remember which side the tank is on.

If you suffer from Whichsideisthegastankonitis, here's a tip. Most newer car models show you which side your tank is on without you having to get out of your car or hold your head out the window looking for that tiny door panel. The indicator is located in your dash near the fuel gauge, near that E, F and icon of a small gas pump. There will be an arrow correctly pointing to the side of the car you need to put closest to the pump when stopping for gas.

Now you're cured. That'll be $50 for your session.