Monday, March 08, 2004

Wasted Weekend

I got the drunkest I have ever been in my life this past weekend. I paid for it all weekend and am still awaiting a full recovery from it.

I went over to a friends to visit Friday night. It was three of us, all college buddies, hanging out at his house on a Friday night. After we sat through the Spongebob Square Pants marathon (he has 2 daughters. No, really!), we decided to play a game of Monopoly. That's right. We are PART-AY ANIMALS! YOW!

Well to spice things up, I volunteered to do some drinking during our game. I promised that every time I passed Go, I would take a shot of 100 proof peppermint schnapps. Big mistake. Huge. I had thought I would be ok because in the past I have had more whiskey in one sitting and did fine. Apparently schnapps is another beast.

After about my 8th time around the board (therefore my 8th shot), I started to feel it. I wasn't in a good position in the game, so in my state, I started giving my property away. I had houses on Boardwalk and Park Place and traded all of that in for three of the railroads. At a later turn I ended up securing the fourth railroad. WOO! WOO! Out of pity I guess, I was given the two utilities as well. It didn't matter. It was all good. I was feeling fine.

Next thing I know, I've lost my railroads and utilities, although I don't remember when and where they went, and the game is over. I assume it was over because I was outside shuffling around on the wet lawn in my socks at one in the morning. I was told later that the guys pretended to pour me the shots that I demanded each time I passed Go and that I would drink the shot glass of air to satisfaction, none the wiser. I better have got my $200 though!

Let me back up a bit. For dinner that night, I wolfed down 12 White Castle cheeseburgers. Now, this particular staple, even in a sober state, can deliver a bit of an upset stomach and some after taste in the mouth. Imagine what it would do to a man in my condition that night. No more details but I will say the night did not end well for me nor did the day after go smoothly.

That is the worst drinking game I ever developed and I think it needs some modfication. Next time it should be a shot each time you land in Jail or on Free Parking. Ugh. It ruined candy canes for me forever.