Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Random Thoughts - I Mean It

Random Thoughts - I Mean It

I have a memo pad, stored online so I guess it's a virtual memo pad, where I leave notes from thoughts I have during the day. Thoughts I know I'm not going to remember in 10 minutes let alone several days later. Many of these entries are the basis for some of my blog posts here. But there are some entries, I really don't know what I was thinking about and as a result, not sure how to comment on it.

But rather than just delete these random thoughts, I should post them in their raw format, the quick entries as I typed out (even left the typos in) to jog my memory later when I came across it, but my memory doesn't recognize what the heck I was thinking about. I'm sure I have a belief about what I wrote, I just can't remember the context. I inserted some comments (in brackets) to clarify a little what I might have been talking about.

Anyway, here it is. Truly random and unsubstantiated thoughts.

For someone to be happy, their partner has to give them what they want. for their partner to know what they want, they ahve to know them implicitly. For that to happen, the partner knows what makes him/her tick. Something unnerving about having someone who knows how to press your buttons.

Create a website that searches a db of lottery results. User enters their number, searches to see if it would've ever hit.
(This may have been an entrepreneurial idea I had instead of a potential blog entry)

Pregnancy like a gun. Even get cocked. Later on, it's obvious the gun is about to go off.

Medication can remove anger out of a family. Kids imitate. Meds keep their parents calm, they'll learn to stay calm from behavior observation. If the kids see the parents take the drugs, hmmmm. Bad.

Conspiaracy theorists give our government too much credit. [Killed] JFK, [faked] land on the moon, 9/11. We can't even find WMD, protect skyscrapers.

I have more respect for [Patrick] Swayze as an actor after he played a pedophile in Donnie Darko.

I'm a slow learner in a lot of areas. But I never quit learning, so caught up since adults quit [learning] when leaving school.

Over-domesticated: Picky of side of garage to park on, side of bed. etc.

My toy as a kid was the vacuum cleaner. I even had a name for it, VC1U2. It helped me with spelling.

People passionate about doc filmmaker Michael Moore. Passion usually derived because it insults their political view. I saw Super Size Me, didn't get emotional because [it insulted my] love [for] fast food.

Ah, feels good to clean the closet.