Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Day 2

Day 2

Slept till 0300. Mom was already awake. Baby wasn't in the room. We talked for a bit. I laid down at 0330, fell asleep for good. Woke up at 0700.

0900 Needed to get home ot feed the pets. It's freezing outside. frost on the car. CD jewel cases make great ice scrapers. Got home. The cat was yelling at me again but less today than last night. She looks confused about our schedule. The rabbit was sound asleep but when I showed up with a carrot, he snapped out of his slumber and was wide awake. Carrot was demolished.

Back to the hospital, grabbed breakfast in the cafe. Scrambled eggs, hash brown, bacon, sausage and strawberry milk. Hit the spot. Back up to the room where we mingled with baby.

1030 Friends are beginning to stop by. Everyone gets to hold baby, I take their picture. Nurse comes in, removes some cables from Mrs. Lock, Mrs Lock is fianlly able to get up and move around. First action, brushes teeth. Then back in the bed.

1115 Lactation specialist arrives. Baby has yet to eat since being born. Nurse shows us how its done. Baby latches to mom instantly, has her first meal at 1130.

1150 Mrs. Lock's sister pays a visit. Their mom soon after.