Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sex and Dirty Diapers

Sex and Dirty Diapers

I will not be talking about a fetish here. This is two separate topics in the same post.

Mrs. Lock made a sex life check with me and I said I actually feel pretty good; that I wasn't missing it. She told me that it is believed a father's testosterone levels drop when around his daughter, especially a newborn, which might explain the decrease in my libido. It's very strange to be without something I've lived most of my life with. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'm sure it'll come raging back in no time.

So the other night I was cleaning out the diaper pale. I sacked it all up, pulled the pull strings out to tie it off into a knot and a gust of diaper air shot out of the opening of the bag and blew into my face. It was with so much force, I instinctively slammed my eyes shut and could feel my hair flipping around. So a gale force of dirty diaper wind hit me in the face. I'll be handling that bag differently from now on.

I was thinking of alternatives to having to smell dirty diapers and I figured if we could get our hands on that coroner nose cream, we could put a dab of it under our nose, a little white smear on our upper lip. If it's good enough to protect you from a rotted corpse, what chance does a dirty diaper have?