Friday, January 16, 2004

Blogs, Money and Zingers. Oh My!

Blogs, Money and Zingers. Oh My!

A major topic on Meet the Press (with Tim Russert) this past Sunday was blogs, yes blogs. He had some journalists on discussing Democrat candidate Howard Dean and how important the Internet was for his campaign. They talked about his blog and General Clark's blog and journalists blogs which are actually just online articles, not blogs really. One of the journalists during the show defined a blog as "I got up, I ate breakfast, I took a shower." And I thought, hey that's me. I have a blog! Blog stands for We(b log) for the clueless.

So today I got up, I brushed my teeth, I got dressed, I .... ah forget it. Here are some random ramblings.

My finances continue to roll. In my personal investment project, the $2k I put into Ameritrade in October and invest in whatever looks good (sort of like day trading, more like week trading though) is going good. I just sold 100 shares of FEIC for a 7.2% profit. I bought this Monday - four days ago. The week before I had some shares of CRAY (yes the supercomputer Cray) which netted me 10% in one day! I've got my balance up to almost $2800 now. Forty percent in three months pleases me especially since 20% of that came in the last two trades/last two weeks. I hope I can keep it up so that I may owe much tax.

In other non-news, I was chatting with a friend of mine about the Iowa primaries coming up. He went into his IM archive and pulled quotes I made earlier last year regarding political discussions we were having, well he was having. I was goofing off. I actually don't remember saying these (I'm not saying I don't believe I said them, they do sound like me) but since I don't remember I have the luxury of cracking up like I was hearing it for the first time.

Regarding President Clinton's Oval (Oral) Office hobby with Monica Lewinski:

lock: Dereliction of duty? It sounds like he was multitasking to me!

On candidate waffling:

lock: He didn't forget. He knew he had pancakes.

On a gay bishop being elected into the Episcopalian church:

lock: Elect the guy already. Religion needs an interior decorator!

God bless IM message archiving and short term memory loss.