Friday, January 09, 2004

Rising Sun

I haven't posted in a week. I've been busy at work setting up a couple of Sun Ultra 5's. They're old machines, probably equivalent of a Pentium PC, but it's a good way for me to learn the Solaris operating system. I upgraded one of the machines to Solaris 8 and did a full install on the other. I was impressed with myself that I was able to get one of them hooked in to the Internet and I actually loaded my home page. Surfing the net on a Sun! I felt like a geek, but in a good way. Sun gave us Java so I'm a supporter. They're in financial trouble now so hopefully they get that resolved and keep from going under.

In other news, the market is on a tear. I'm not sure if it's going to stop going up. That's good for my retirement but may be bad when it decides to correct itself as the prices of stocks surpass the company's actual value.

My instant messenger for work wasn't working properly all week. I use Trillian because my machine has trouble staying connected with my native instant messenger, Yahoo Messenger. Trillian is a neat program if you want to consolidate all of your IM accounts into one interface. I have my YM, ICQ, AIM and MSN all running at the same time although I must confess I created the AIM and MSN accounts for Trillian just to have them all.

So Trillian was having trouble this week with the YM aspect. I could only see other Trillian users and never anyone who was using the YM client. I could go to another machine, load YM on it and get logged in without logging out my Trillian YM session. Anyone who uses instant messengers know you can only be logged on in one place at a given time. So this was odd that I could be logged in to 2 YM sessions at once. I could message myself and only receive the message in one place so something was definitely wrong. A friend figured out a solution. Just change the Trillian YM logon server from to That got me on the right server and now all is well.