Tuesday, January 13, 2004

What I Had To Unlearn

My parents, on occassion, would feed me crap to get me to do what they wanted. Here are three (of many) things I remember my mom telling me as a kid.

1. Eating raw sugar will give you worms.
2. The dirt in the tub after a shower is your skin in it's basic form (ashes to ashes, dust to dust rule).
3. You can get AIDS drinking from a public water fountain.

I remember getting into a heated argument with her one day at a Dairy Queen because she was convinced the public water fountain I drank from would give me AIDS. I remember drinking from it just to spite her. I didn't think I couldn't get AIDS from it, I just wanted to push her buttons.

Since I'm in childhood memory mode, I do remember eating bars of Ex-Lax I would find in the towel closet thinking of course it was candy. I can't say though that I remember the outcome.

Good times.