Thursday, January 22, 2004

General Wesley Clark A Closet Case?

Democratic presidential candidate and four star general Wesley Clark appeared in a recent issue of The Advocate, a magazine with a target market of a primarily gay audience.

General Clark was also endorsed recently by Madonna, a musical artist known for employing flamboyant dancers and being somewhat of an icon in the gay community.

Clark is married but we hear very little about his wife. In fact when Clark's wife was asked if she sees him much, she said she does not. Beard. *cough*.

And for the clincher to make you go "hmmmm," General Clark was fired from his post as Commander of NATO for undisclosed reasons neither side wants to elaborate on. The only thing mentioned about the affair is that the firing was for "integrity issues." Now what kind of integrity issues does the military fear most?

When the story breaks of General Clark's sexual preference, you heard it here first. But there's nothing wrong with it. Wesley Clark is fully qualified to execute the responsibilities of President of the United States and certainly has the experience to serve as Commander In Chief. You go boy, uh I mean General, sir. You have my endorsement.

UPDATE: General Wesley Clark has admitted that his favorite music album of all time is Journey's Greatest Hits (which is only technically an album).