Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ass Out Of You And Me

Ass Out Of You And Me

I have been accused many times in the past of turning a blind eye to a situation or I have been incorrectly labeled in a certain ideology. When this happens, I have essentially been judged by that accuser. The problem is, I think I have been judged unfarily because I don't always see it that way. Sometimes they're right but sometimes not and I think I have been unfairly judged by people who don't want to take the time to understand the complexity of something and truly know what the situation is.

First off, I don't see it as turning a blind eye to something. To turn a blind eye to something, you have to be aware of the situation and actively ignore it. It's an issue of a guilty conscience and it's not that I live with mine, it's that I don't have one about the situation I'm supposedly ignoring.

So what is it? What am I doing (or not doing)? I am refusing to make an assumption about something until all the facts are in. And here's the shocker; to me, it's not even important if the facts never come in. I'm content and things are safer as long as I don't make the assumption.

I don't understand why is it so important to people to make assumptions? You know what that is called, don't you? Jumping to conclusions. When has that ever been a good thing? If you're jumping to a certain position, that means you are leaping over something, passing objects by without even a glance. If you jump to conclusions, you're in a hurry or your lazy or ignorance tells you you already have all the facts so make your decision now. I lose a little respect for these people, but I know it's a common behavior, so since you all do it (including me but to a lot smaller degree than anyone I know), I can deal with it. But you'll quickly fall off my 'intelligent people' list everytime you do this to me, just so you know.

So what's the solution? If you're ignorant of a situation, why not just wait? Why draw a conclusion? Is your report to your Professor due? Is your editor jumping on you to get this story in before the presses roll? Is your C.O. preparing his plan of attack and needs your intelligence right away? If you're under a deadline, by all means, make your best guess. Otherwise, just enjoy it before you judge it. In fact, never judge it.

Assumptions lead to miscommunication, absence of justice, disagreement, offense, wars, religious extremism, violence, racism, sexism, poverty, illness, apathy, destruction - the list goes on.

Do some homework before you open your mouth, or better yet, don't open it.

Making a guess (and making it clear you're only guessing) is not the same as assuming. Feel free to be as prophetic as you want. It's ok if you stink at it. You put your reputation on the line and that's what it'll cost you if you're wrong. Judging someone else though, brings into it more than just your reputation and that's where the trouble begins.

I am definitely a Libra to think this way. The balanced view. I don't happen to believe in astrology, it just seems to be a coincidence that I live my sign to the tee. I don't dare assume I am a Libra in every sense of the term though.