Monday, September 27, 2004

Illegal Operation? Am I Under Arrest?

Illegal Operation? Am I Under Arrest?

"[Something] has performed an illegal operation."

Everyone has seen this popular (and I do mean popular as in frequent) Windows error. What a terrible name for an error. People actually think they have broken the law! Microsoft, why did you go with this syntax? Was there something legal about the code to begin with?

It just goes to show what one of the most litagated companies always has on its mind.

Sure, I don't think I'm actually holding a furry rodent to move the cursor across my screen and when someone says his computer has a bug, I don't reach for a can of Raid. But those are obvious, cute computer names. Illegal operation is just wrong. It will never catch on. They are just plain errors or exceptions.

"WARNING: You have just killed your mother. Do you wish to reboot?"