Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Quick Update

What a hectic week. I've never been so busy with work as I am this month and there is no end in sight.

Because of my secret security clearance (necessary for work when working for FAA), I have a couple of emails in my corporate email that have Word attachments. These particular documents are password protected and if I want to read them, I am to call HQ to get the passwords over the phone so I can open them up and peruse the black ops contents. And if I dare print them off, I am told that they are not to leave my sight and if I want to part ways with the secret documents, I have been instructed to shred or burn them. Yikes!

In my personal life which is losing some me time to work-me, Mrs. Lock and I got our first ultrasound on Tuesday. Want to know what we're having? Too bad. Too many people I know read this. :) I can tell you - it's a baby.

More when I can find the time.