Monday, October 18, 2004



Hey there blog. What's up? Haven't chatted in awhile. Today is my first day back at work. I took all of last week off and it was nice. What did I do? Nothing. Where did I go? Nowhere. It was the best vacation I've ever had.

Actually, I did get a bit busy. My parental units came up for the week to celebrate a couple Libra family birthdays - mine and my nephew's. The parents stayed with me for most of the week. It was good to go out with them, hang out with your parents like you would friends.

They got me a birthday card which was enclosed with a check for 25 dollars. I thanked them for the card and teased them about the check saying I used it to pay my mortgage. I turned 32, my wife is giving birth to their granddaughter next February and they're still giving me checks for my birthday. I wonder if it will ever stop? 50 years old and I'll still get 25 dollar checks (adjusted for inflation is about $7.55).

In between entertaining the parents, I played a few video games, watched a few movies but spent most of my time watching the Farscape marathon they had on SciFi. That was fun getting back into that show that I hadn't seen since they cancelled it. And what a great show it was. Very fast paced, very smart. Just good solid scifi - Enterprise could learn a few lessons since it can drag at times.

That's all for now. See ya.

P.S. Angelina Jolie named #1 sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine. Well duh.