Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lucas's Yang

Lucas's Yang

George Lucas, in an attempt to bring balance to the Force, made three really outstanding movies and then, decades later, released three real pieces of crap - Genius!

The man is very heavily into Eastern philosophy, he believes in the yin and the yang and incorporates many such themes into his art.

After making the first Star Wars trilogy which were amazing films,
obviously ahead of their time and still stands up as a champion when compared to modern movies, he felt a spiritual need to produce three anti-Star Wars movies which he is in the process of doing now. This is what brings balance to nature which is what nature needs. Lucas knows what he's doing. He does this for us, for the universe, for eternity.

He even realized that the first three movies were so superb, that he couldn't possibly make the exact opposites even if he turned out Showgirls three times. So what he did to give him a fighting chance was to tweak the masterpieces he already made many years before. Films we thought were done and a part of history forever. But this filmmaker had the insight, the guts, by adding some changes here and there to the original trilogy. He did this to bring them down to a smaller level, one he could compete against (his own movies) and turn out the steaming piles he needed in the second trilogy.

Don't ever question the master.