Friday, October 22, 2004

The Future

The Future

Our figuring out the answers to scientific complexities that currently elude us is a as certain as man's curiosity. Our own biological design is a goal and also a reminder that whatever we want is possible to achieve. Our existence is our own motivation to find all of the answers - ALL of the answers to life.

We are living proof of what we think now of as miracles. As long as we live we will figure out all of the mysteries that is us and with that understanding, be able to create whatever we diddly darn well please.

Such knowledge will demand great care and responsibility lest we wipe ourselves out with it. If you've ever considered if a higher power created us, think about what that being's intention was by giving us a very advanced scientific blueprint (ie: us) plus an overwhelming desire to understand such things. Then consider whether or not that power knew we would figure it out. Assuming we did figure out all of the puzzles in life, does this being count on us to use it wisely or will He/She/It/They lose his investment.

It's a little bit comforting to me to think there is a higher intelligence behind our creation because if He's smart enough to build us, He should be smart enough to keep us from blowing ourselves up. Or if it turns out to be a test, maybe He won't interfere at all and merely gave us a resource to keep our extinction from happening and it's a matter of recognizing that resource to exercise it. Either way, with a Divine Being behind the scenes, we have a chance.

If there is no higher power and life happened by accident, then it saddens me to think that with no Great Protector - we will eventually remove ourselves and all life from this existence.

-- Lock