Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Capitalism and Gardening: My Kind Of Game

I was busy for most of the week last week at work. A few of the people from the company I'm contracted to flew out to train some of the FAA personnel on a new analysis tool that was developed and is currently running out here at the air traffic control center where I work. It's pretty nifty actually. And I'm sure if I was an air traffic controller it'd be even niftier. So that kept me busy last week and my posts suffered.

At home, the woman and I have been spending most of our free time with a Gamecube title I picked up called Animal Crossing. This is a very cutesy looking game - the kind most adults would turn off quickly in shame and fear of eternal persecution should their adult friends happen to walk into the room and spy them playing, which at first glance appears to be way below what their palate of entertainment should require for grownups into video gaming. No matter. We play what we like.

In Animal Crossing, you create this town (more like a village) and exist in it. That's it. There's no fighting, no killing, no blood. But it does support capitalism and gardening a lot. You micromanage your town, keeping it up to specs and try to earn currency in the process. It's fun for players who don't like games where you die and have to start over. You just build and build and build. My favorite pastime is probably fishing because it is a bit fun and can be very lucrative if you know when/where to fish. Sega Bass Fishing 4 it ain't but it's a nice little game within a game.

I'm sure I can go on for hours talking about the detail of the game, but I won't bore anyone with it. If interested, check it out for yourself.

CD in the Jeep stereo: No Doubt's Rock Steady.
Last movie I saw at theater: Bruce Almighty
Last movie I saw at home: The Seventh Sign