Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Mile Stone

I turned 60k miles over on my 2000 Jeep Wrangler today. It happened on my way in to work and I watched it roll over doing 65 in rush hour traffic - it was that important to me. There is a sense of something, watching your vehicle flip over a major denomination of miles. I'm not sure what the feeling is. It could be the human need to keep things simple. 60,000 is an easier number to remember than 58,436 so we're relieved to have a possession of ours in a state that we can best remember it.

But I can't say I'm happy to see my car have that many miles. I imagine the feeling is similiar to a parent watching their kid grow up, realizing they're just going to get older and someday they'll break down, rust out and before you know it you have to sell it to a junkyard for $100 so they can dismantle it for parts, crushing the rest into a tiny steel box, ready for disposal.

I can feel the empty nest syndrome kicking in already.

CD in the car stereo: Live's Birds of Pray
Last movie I saw at theater: Bruce Almighty
Last movie I saw at home: Blow