Tuesday, July 06, 2004

America Turns 228

America Turns 228

Next to April Fool's Day, 4th July is probably one of my favorite holidays. I went out and spent about $80 on some tame fireworks. You can see them displayed in the photo as my cat checks them out too. They were mostly fountains, harmless fireworks because we were spending the day at a family reunion in a heavily wooded area. That meant nothing that can fly off into the tree tops and start a forest fire. Remember, only I can prevent them.
What a busy weekend. It started with my parents coming up for a visit on Thursday. We went out quite a bit Thursday and Friday, they left Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon, I had a costume wedding to attend. It was a wedding where the guests and all members of the ceremony had to dress up in a costume - it looked like Halloween. I'll have some pictures later in the week. It was a lot of fun though. I had a great time as a Viking, the big-horned helmet and axe.

Sunday was 4th of July and we went down south to my mother-in-law's for the traditional holiday reuninon. I got to set off my fountain fireworks and entertain the bunch. We came home Sunday night driving through the worst rain I have ever seen from inside of a car. We got back in time to watch our neighborhood fireworks. It didn't appear to storm in our area.

Monday Mrs. Lock and I were off work, it being the official observed holiday of Independence Day (since it fell on a weekend this year) so we did nothing but relax. We played some video games, watched some TV, watched a movie (Holy Grail) and when dark came, we went outside and watched the discount (day after) fireworks display.

So it was a good (and long) weekend.