Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Baby Doc Visit #2

Baby Doc Visit #2

Mrs. Lock and I have an appointment today with the baby doctor. This is our second visit. I think we get appointments every month up until the 7th month. Then it's every 2 weeks for 7 and 8, then in the 9th month I think it's every week if I remember the schedule.

What amazes me about the process so far is that I don't think they know she is pregnant yet. All they have is our word and a $5 pregnancy test to go on.

On the first appointment they took some blood from Mrs. Lock and gave her some literature. That's it. Do they trust our expertise in this matter that much that they're willing to go through the whole process, set everything up, pull out all the stops all because they believe we can make a proper diagnosis? Just seems very amateurish to me, I dunno.

More later...