Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bad Influence

Bad Influence

Mrs. Lock and I were at Target last night. We were in the toddler toy section picking out a gift for an upcoming birthday party for a friend's daughter and we started playing with the various toys, pushing buttons, which caused the toys to talk, play music, or go moo. Then Mrs. Lock happened upon a strange looking toy.

"I don't know what the hell this does," she says after fiddling with it for a bit.

I looked at her, then I looked at the three year old girl standing next to her staring at the shelf of toys below the ones we were looking at, then I looked at the girl's mother standing behind us. Nobody seemed to notice that I'm married to a member of an inner city gang, so I just smiled and walked out of the aisle away from my foul mouthed wife, laughing at what she had done.

She had a good laugh about it too. She's almost three months pregnant with my child. When exactly are those maternal instincts supposed to kick in?