Monday, July 12, 2004

Dreaming About Witches

Dreaming About Witches

My wife insisted I put this dream in my blog. I had this dream Saturday night.

It was a calm, warm day as Mrs. Lock and I trekked through a creepy forest. The ground was covered in brown leaves, autumn was here and as we stepped on the leaves, we crunched our way through and around the bare trees. We were looking for a house we knew to be buried deep in the forest because we had an appointment with a witch of some sort, a woman who lived out of reach of society, very inaccessible.

I actually remember coming to see this witch before so I think she is a recurring character in my dreams. I think this because as we approached her house which looked to be barely standing, a pile of sticks, there were several zombies, for lack of a better term, shuffling about the property. I had it in my mind that these zombies were harmless, more for show than personal protection so we breezed right through them without fear and went right up to the front door.

We went inside and met with the witch where I had a series of questions for her. She did not have the sort of look you'd expect from a stereotypical witch, she was very attractive, tall, dark skinned, long brown hair and very graceful. I had my questions for the hot witch.

"When is our baby due," I started off.

"January 5." This is interesting since the actual due date is February 1. I continued.

"Is it twins?" This is important since twins run on both sides of our family.

"It is not," she replied. "Single baby."

Finally, my last question. "Boy or girl?"

"Boy, most definitely."

Some believe dreams are prophetic. I don't necessarily believe this, not in the oracle sense anyway. Sometimes the answer is there, people just can't see it until their subconscious communicates with them. With questions no one knows the answers to though, it's just a novelty, a lottery. We'll see how it turns out.